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Staglin Family Vineyard - The Vineyard

Bay Area Green BusinessSituated at the base of the western slopes of Mount St. John, the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas Range, this sixty-one acre property is located in an alluvial fan containing rich volcanic soils.  With ideal soils, microclimate and location, the estate's potential was recognized by some of the first Napa Valley settlers and was planted to vineyards in the mid 1860's.  Today the property is home to the Staglins, fifty-one acres of vines, an underground winery, the historic homestead, a solar array and the many critters that inhabit this certified organic estate.

Certified Organic Farming

Staglin Family Vineyard - Organic Farming

Our certified organic farming practices are central to our belief that  the healthier the vineyard, the better the fruit and thus the quality of the wine.  We take every opportunity to improve our lands biodiversity through the creation of habitats for bees, insects and birds of prey. 

In the spring the property is blooming with a variety of cross-pollinating plants, including over 300 olive trees and five kinds of clover. Sweet peas, native grasses, vetch, and mustard grow in abundance. At bud break we mow and spade these cover crops into the soil to release nutrients which also create warmth for the vines while they break down. The estate is abuzz with wildlife including dragonflies, ladybugs, jackrabbits, finches and red-tailed hawks to name a few; a sign the vineyard is in good health and proof of the abundance of life present in our vineyard.

Since David Abreu began farming our vineyard, he has used his 30 years of experience to take care of it as if it were his own.  He has helped us to farm 100% organically, certified by the CCOF. During each growing season, our vineyard crew thins the clusters two to four times to balance each vine. Those clusters that remain get more nutrients and grow grapes with optimal flavor.

David has not only helped maintain biodiversity throughout the property, he's also helped us make the individual vines more biodiverse by planting a variety of clone and rootstock combinations throughout our Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Sangiovese blocks. The result: a high degree of complexity in our wines, resulting from the myriad flavor profiles of each different section of our vineyard.

Solar Power

July, 2007

We made a commitment to 100% solar power. We are no longer an energy consumer and when the days are sunny we even produce more energy than we use putting it back on to the grid for use by our neighbors. Our 164-kilowatt photovoltaic array generates enough power to keep our property electrically self-sufficient throughout the year.

We do the best we can to reduce our winery's carbon footprint. Along with organic farming, it's something we do to protect the land.

Here's how our array is performing today: