Staglin Family
Staglin Family Vineyard - Winery

Completed in 2002 our 24,000ft² underground production facility is customized to enhance the unique characteristics of this vineyard.

Situated under a steep hillside overlooking the vines, the winery's underground construction minimizes its impact on the local ecosystem. The old oak trees on the hillside are unharmed by the caves deep beneath them. These modern caves provide naturally gentle storage conditions with a cool constant temperature and mild humidity. We use less electricity to cool the winery and lose less wine to evaporation.

Staglin Family Vineyard - Barrels

The spacious facility allows Fredrik Johansson, the ultimate flexibility to tailor the winemaking techniques for optimized quality.  The facility is customized to care for the wine throughout its production including de-stemming, meticulous sorting, fermentation, barrel aging and finally bottling.  

During harvest, the crush pad hums with activity. The grapes are harvested before dawn under lights and are gently carried to the winery in small lug bins. As the sun rises accompanied by the lively Mexican music the crew begins to sort first the clusters and then individual berries to be sure only the perfect grapes makes it in to the fermentation tanks. We spend a lot of time and effort in the vineyard to achieve maximum fruit quality and intensity.

With a genuine respect for this land, this care and attention to detail carries through in all of our production practices to showcase the bst attributes of each of the estates varietals and vintages.