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In 1992 famed enologist Andre Tchelistcheff told us, "Listen to the vines -- they will tell you what to do." This wise counsel is and will continue to be the most important element in our goal of making the best wine possible from our estate. Our winemaker, Fredrik Johansson, works closely with vineyard manager, David Abreu, to carefully farm the land and coax optimal ripeness, complexity and intensity from the vines with each harvest.

Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson is focused and passionate about making wine. He previously worked with consulting winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown, taking the traditional route of an apprentice to acquire his knowledge and expertise. He began his education at Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma, continued it at Two Hands Wines in Australia and honed it further at Outpost Wines on Howell Mountain where he also oversaw several of Thomas' consulting projects, including Schrader Cellars and Maybach Family Vineyards. Now that Fredrik is at Staglin, he says, “My goal is to make the best possible wine with the fruit from this vineyard without letting what I do in the winery get in the way. It's such an amazing vineyard that I feel a responsibility to help it express itself to its fullest.”

Andre Tchelistcheff's wisdom is a constant goal, his words continue to be an important tool for making the best wine possible from our estate. Not surprising since Tchelistcheff was so familiar with the terroir of the Rutherford area, the first to pinpoint the unique flavor profile of wines produced from fruit grown on the Rutherford benchlands.

Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland joined Staglin Family Vineyard in 2000 as our Winemaking Consultant. He visits the property several times a year to walk the vineyard, share viticultural recommendations and provide us with his expertise during blending trials. With Michel's guidance, we began to blend our estate wines in two tiers under the Staglin and Salus labels, similar to the Premier Cru and Deuxieme Cru distinctions in the Medoc of Bordeaux. His outside perspective, wealth of knowledge and expert palate are key components in our journey to continually enhance the quality of Staglin Family Vineyard wines.